Friday, June 11, 2010

Bandana Dress

This just might be the easiest dress I have ever made...Well, maybe that is because it is the only dress I have ever made, but still!  Thanks to Trey and Lucy for the super easy tutorial.  It may have taken me slightly longer than 15 minutes to crank out the first one but after that I was flyin'...

Here is one I made for a friend for a baby shower!

For the embroidery part I did go through 3 bandanas until I got the monogram to stitch correctly.  I wasn't using enough stabilizer so here is what FINALLY worked for me.  I used one layer of Sulky Totally Stable Iron-On Tear Away Stabilizer (same stuff I use on t-shirts) and then I hooped a heavyweight tear-away like Sulky Stiffy Stabilizer and used an adhesive spray Sulky Temporary Spray Adhesive to attach the bandana to the hooped stabilizer.  By the way I also purchased my font from AKDesigns's the #12 Bold font!

By the way, be warned that the 100% cotton bandanas will shrink up about 1-1.5" on each side after you wash them (and they get a lot softer than they are in the stores).  I think this dress cost be a total of like $2.15, can't beat it!

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