Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rotisserie-Style Crockpot Chicken

I've been really, really busy recently with my other business Girly Girlz Bows so I haven't had a lot of time to go grocery shopping.  Oops!  Never fear I had a whole chicken in the freezer, a crockpot and I'm good to go!

I've mentioned A Year of Slowclooking before but I {HEART} this website!  I've gotten so many good receipes from her suggestions and they are EASY, EASY, EASY and DELICOUS!

Today I'm using her Rotisserie-Style Crockpot Chicken that I would like to share...

Take one whole, thawed (if you froze it) chicken.  I remove all of the insides that I'd rather not know what I'm talking about, right?  I also take a small knife and cut underneath the skin to remove all of the skin.  Yuck!  I didn't want to touch anything for hours after pawing that chicken but it makes for a healthier chicken and not so much grease in the crockpot.

Next rinse the bird good; inside and out.  Pat dry with a paper towel.  Now let's season up this bird!

Let's start with one side and we will do the same the other after this side is fully seasoned.  I liberally apply salt and pepper to the breast side of the chicken.  Next I cover the bird with a light coating of Seasoned Salt and Onion Powder.  Turn the bird over so the breast side is down and reapply the seasoning.  Finally I stuff the inside of the bird with about 1/2 an onion and throw in about 3 tablespoons of minced garlic right on top of the bird.  All done!  :)

Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or on high for 4-5 hours.  Enjoy!

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