Thursday, October 7, 2010

Facebook: Link to Someone in your Status Update

I know many of you know how to do this and I actually came about it accidently but I am addicted!  Did you know you can link to someone or something in your status update in Facebook?  Ever wondered how people get those blue underlined names in the update? 


Simply type your update and when you are ready to link to someone type an @ sign and immediately start typing their name.  No spaces!

Ex.  @GirlyGirlzBows  will link to Girly Girlz Bows  @Sara Blair will link to Sara Blair.

Go try it now and see how fun it can be to link to some in your next post.  Actually, "Like" Best Thing Since Slice Bread and then give me a shout out in your post and see how it works!  ;)

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