Monday, October 4, 2010

Personalized Picture Bean Bags

If you haven't checked out Infarranty Creative, you have GOT TO!  She is great!  When she posted about the "Issac Bags" that she made her son I knew this was something I was going to have to do for my daughter.  So for her birthday I made 2 bean bags for each child as a party favor!

The only thing that I would add to her tutorial is that when I tried to feed the fabric through my printer it wouldn't recongize it and then it started curling at the end so I attached it to a plain sheet of paper with a very small piece of scotch tape, leaving a very small piece of tape on the fabric so it wouldn't interfere with printing.  Also, the fabric was a bit dusty after drying and when some of the "dust" came off it looks like some of my picture lost a bit of it's color but I liked the "worn" look that it ended up with.

1 comment:

  1. Oh so cute! I love it and will share in my next edition of "you inspire me." Did you try ironing your fabric to the freezer paper and then sending it through the printer?