Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook: Like Box

Have you been to blogs or websites that have that cute little box from Facebook where you can "Like" them and see how many others like them too?  Well now you can have your own!

Simply follow these quick instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Facebook Page URL (web address)....If you don't know it open FB and go to your page, then copy the address in the address bar or if you haven't already set up your FB username {see my quick tutorial here}.
  3. Width-Choose the width of your box (in pixels).  If you are adding it to the side bar in a blog you want about 200-250 pixels.
  4. Connections-Enter the # of people who like you that you would like to appear in your box.  The default is 10; which means that 10 profile pics of people who like your page will randomly appear in your box.  You can decrease this number to reduce the length of your box or increase the number to increase the length of your box.
  5. Show Stream- This feature allows you to show your most recent status update or profile stream or "What's on your mind" piece from your Facebook Page.
  6. Header- Allows you to have the option of adding the header "Find us on Facebook" to the top of your Like Box.
  7. Get Code- Click this box to get the code that you will copy and paste into your webpage or blog.  If you are entering this on your blog you will need to add and "HTML/JavaScript" gadget and paste the code in there with NO TITLE.
My settings for my Like Box:

No Stream
No Header

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