Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook: Easy to Remember Facebook Address

I don't know about you but I hate that when I copy and paste the URL (web address for my non-techie peeps)  to my Facebook Page it is this long and obnoxious...I mean look at it:!/pages/Best-Thing-Since-Slice-Bread/108888559137410?ref=ts

Facebook now allows you to have a "username".  What does this mean for you?  If your page meets certain criteria (which I can't really get the straight answer on this because it says you have to have 1000 fans but clearly I don't and I registered usernames on almost all of my pages [not the ones I have recently created]).  You may have noticed on commericals that certain pages have URLs like or well these Fan Pages are using usernames to make the address to their facebook page much easier to remember than that long line of random letters, characters, and numbers as listed above.

To register your username:

1.  Log into your Facebook profile
2.  Go to
3.  Choose the page name for which you want to register a username from the drop down menu.
4.  Type the username you wish to use in the box
5.  Click on "Check Availability"

There are certains rules that go along with Facebook Usernames:

1.  Once you register this username you may not change it.
2.  You may not sell or transfer usernames
3.  And some other legal speak that I can't remember but you will see it in the pop up box before your username is assigned to your fan page.

So go out and register your username today before someone else does!!! 

P.S. Here is a link to more details on Facebook usernames!

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  1. Make sure you get the right username for the right page. You can't change it once it's done.

    You only have to have 25 fans now to get the custom username url. I did mine as soon as I hit 25.