Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monogrammed Towels

This is my first embroidery tutorial post and I'm both excited and nervous! [eek!]  Once I got my embroidery machine last fall the very first thing I did was monogram some towels for Christmas presents.  Everytime I sit down with a new embroidery blank (t-shirt, diaper cover, market tote, etc.) I get nervous because I just don't want to mess anything up!  I usually go to AK Designs Boutique's Yahoo Group and ask for some help...they are always willing to help!  Once I get enough confidence I go and try it myself. So here are some pointers that may help you when you get ready to embroider on a towel.  I have the Brother PE-750D machine and I absolutely LOVE it!

Things you will need: towel, embroidery thread, a light or medium weight tearaway stabilizer, spray adhesive (I use Sulky Temporary Spray Adhesive- 3-3/5 oz.), water soluable solvy topper (I use the one I purchased at the dealer where I purchased my machine), and disappearing ink marker.

First hoop the stabilizer, making sure there is no wrinkles or extra slack once it is hooped. 
 (I will post on hooping 101 soon).

Next, find the middle of your towel by folding it exactly in half lengthwise and marking with the disappearing ink marker.  Lay the towel over the hooped stabilizer, lining up your center mark as best as you can for a starting point.  I used my marker to show you the center.

Lay your clear ruler grid on top of  your towel, lining up the middle mark on the towel with the middle line of the grid.  Once your middle mark is in place then make sure the edge of the towel is straight and this is your final placement of the towel.

Fold the towel over in half and spray the stabilizer with the spray adhesive.  Return the towel to the flat position and press firmly on the towel where you applied the adhesive.  Next, fold the towel over the other way and spray the other side with spray adhesive and again press firmly.

It is difficult to see in this picture but you can basically see the outline of the hoop beneath the towel because it is pressed onto the stablizer.

When a blank has a pile (little loops in the pattern of the towel), specifically like towels do you need a "topper" to hold down the pile so that your design will stitch evenly and not get caught in the pile.  Cut an area of water soluable solvy and place on top.  Some people will pin this down I simply hold it down with my fingers until there are enough stitches done so that it will not move. 
WARNING: do not get your fingers caught in the path of the needle!

Insert the hoop into your machine.  Trace the perimeter of your design so you have an idea of where to place the solvy.

Begin stitching the design.

Once the design is finished stitching, remove the hoop from your machine.  Pull the backside of towel from the stabilizer.  This is the beauty of tearaway stabilizer, you literally tear it away!

Next tear away the solvy topper.  Any remaining topper may be removed by applying a small about of water to the pieces.  Most of it should come off simply by pulling it off.  Here is your finished monogrammed towel.  An easy, inexpensive gift that is alway appreciated!

Have any questions or suggestions?  Please leave a comment!


  1. this is fantastic...thank you so much!!! i added you to my favs

  2. I love the tea towel. I am mostly a machine embroider and have a patter similar to that. I love your though. You should market that pattern.