Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buying in Bulk- The Do's and Don'ts

So I have memberships to Sam's Club and Costco and try to buy in bulk when it makes sense for our family but here are some things that you should not buy in bulk that I would have never know so I thought I would share!

Brown Rice

Many consumers assume brown rice to be a good, staple item to keep in the cupboard at all times. What they might not know is that brown rice has a short shelf life due to its oil content. If you plan to store something like brown rice, keep it in your refrigerator.

Nuts can be pricey and are sometimes cheaper to buy in bulk, but before you put them in your pouch, remember that they'll only last one to two months. A high fat content forces them to expire quickly. If you're going to purchase a large quantity, buy roasted nuts since they last longer than raw ones.


Unless you're eating ketchup and mayonaise at every meal or hosting a huge party in the near future, it's probably not worth your money to buy condiments in bulk. Plus, these items only last six months to a year.


Experiment with vitamins before you consider buying more than one bottle at a time. What if you have an unforseen reaction, or you simply become bored with that strawberry-flavored protein shake mix?


Don't buy bleach in bulk unless you're using it all the time. The chemical product actually starts to degrade after six months.


Spices can lose their potency as quickly as six months after they are purchased. Unless you're cooking with spices frequently, it's best not to buy them in bulk.

Ice Cream

While you may be inclinded to buy big on this one just remember your freezer is only so big. Plus, ice cream is actually cheaper to buy individually, such as in half-gallons, in some stores.

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