Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Low Energy Rates and Earn CA$H!!

So it was time for me to renew my contract with Green Mountain Energy and they wanted 13.2 cents per KwH for renewable energy, a nearly 3 cent increase from our current plan, ouch! So needless to say I started looking for another carrier, again. I found Ambit Energy who offers several plans to meet everyone's needs (I personally prefer renewable energy and liked that they offer both renewable and traditional energy rates). We liked what they have to offer and actually became marketing consultants for the Ambit Energy. Our thought, everyone needs power so why not help to educate people about their power options. I mean, Clark and I were both educators so it comes naturally to us.

With Ambit they offer super cheap energy rates per KwH, depending upon your term. Let's face it energy prices are on the rise so locking in a longer term is to your advantage. I just signed up for the 1 year Certified Green plan at a better rate then Green Mountain could offer me for 6 months! To find out how much you can save just grab your bill and go to and in the top right corner click on CUSTOMER ENROLLMENT SITE then choose Quote My Savings. If you can't save money I don't want you to switch but if I can save you money then by all means I want you to know about it! :) The other thing about Ambit Energy is there are no hidden fees, like fuel surcharges like with TXU. Amazingly most people are still with Reliant Energy (the old HL&P) just because they are too afraid to change yet they are the highest priced energy around! I haven't had Reliant Energy since 2006, when I finally felt comfortable to switch and I've paid lower electricity bills ever since!!

If you just don't have the time to research it, let me help. You may be in a contract right now and I would love to show you our rates when it's time for you to renew. Also, if you are interested in becoming a Marketing Consultant, where you can earn residual income for life and reduce your electricity bill with referral credits, I can help answer questions about this too. It is very easy and like I said EVERYONE needs electricity so it is easy to help people start saving money. If you think you may be interested in being a marketing consultant, you can sign up and then you can turn your power on under your own account and immediately start earning money from your own energy consumption; how cool is that? That is what we just did! Getting a better rate than our current provider and earning money from our monthly energy useage is like a double bonus, Savings and Savings!

If you have any questions or think you may be interested in Ambit Energy please let me know, as I will be happy to answer any questions!!

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