Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old World Charm with a Modern Flare: YoYo Bows Hair Clips, Bookmarks, Brooch

I've always liked yo-yo's....no, not the one's on the string that you can "walk the dog"...(that's my brother's bag). The ones you see at craft shows on vests, quilts or other beautifully handmade items. I took this southern tradition and gave it a modern flare making hair bows for my girls.

All you will need is some fabric scrapes of fun girly colors (about 5.5" x 5.5"), Clover Round Extra Large Yo-Yo Maker

Cut the fabric just slightly larger than the yo-yo maker.  You will probably want to read the directions that come with the yo-yo maker for the particulars but here it is in a nut shell...Next you will need to "load" the fabric into the yo-yo maker, making sure you put the front "right" side of the fabric towards the plate and push the disk into place, lining up the notches on the plate with the lines on the disk.  When you do this you will hear a little poping noise at each notch.  Trim the excess fabric about 1/2" from the the edge of the yo-yo maker.

Start with the disk facing you, hold the seam folded into the disk and insert the needle into the concave part of the disk.

Flip the yo-yo maker around to see the exit of the needle.  Move to the edge of the "U" (you don't want to sew over the plastic, your stitch should be inside the "U".  Pull the thread all the way through, until tight.

Continue with these stitches all the way around and your very last stich will go through the same whole your first stitch started.

Remove the disk from the plate by pushing through the whole in the center of the plate.  Gently lift and remove the fabric from around the disk.  Take your thread and pull it away from the yo-yo and the material will gather around the round yo-yo, giving it the unique yo-yo look.  Pull the thread tight and knot it so the yo-yo will keep it's shape.

To finish off the yo-yo sew a button or two layered buttons over the yo-yo hole.  Attach an alligator clip on the back with hot glue for a hair clip; attach a pin on the back for a brooch; or attach a ribbon on the back for a book mark.

Such simple wimsy! 
Have you made yo-yo's before?  How else do you use them to decorate?

, thread, needle, button(s) and hair clip ribbon and/or brooch clip.

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