Monday, January 16, 2012

Woodland Fairy Birthday Party

When I asked my three year old what kind of birthday party she wanted it was a quick "Fairy" reply.  So I was on a mission to research the best fairy party for my little girl.  My delima go with Disney Faires or a Woodland Fairy party?  I couldn't decide so I did a little of both. 

With the help of some fairy and gnome graphics from Etsy I designed the invitation in Photoshop Elements.
With a fairy party we've got to dress the party, right?  Here's the girls' outfits...I chose the fairy colors from the Disney fairies because the birthday girl wanted to be Rosetta, her favorite fairy.
Each little fairy got their own tutu, fairy wings and wand.

Each set clearly marked for the fairies "frock and wings for Fairy ...."  Download the template here.
Note: the font used is called Renassiance font that you must download and install from here.

And the birthday girl, dressed as Rosetta Fairy gets an extra special matching ruffled tank.  Everyone loved using their wands with the bubbles.

The girls loved wearing their fairy gear all day!

This birthday party wouldn't be complete without the food fit for the fairies!

Magic Marshmellow Mushrooms

Fairy Wands

Watermellon Fruit Bowl

Snail Sandwiches

Twigs - Pretzel Sticks

Mushroom Cupcakes fit for a Fairy Birthday Party!

To finish off the festivities a woodland owl pinata is perfect!

Overall this party was fun to plan and even better it was fun for my birthday girl!

Here are some other sources that were inspirations for our party:
Parents Magazine - Cupcakes
Parents Magazine - Twig Frames
Pizzazzerie - Woodland Fairy Party
Hostess Blog - Enchanted Printables

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