Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monogrammed Hand Soap

Hello my name is Sara and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Anyone else?  Oh my!  If you don't know what Pinterest is I'd be happy to invite you on.  By the way, I think having to be invited is such a silly thing but they didn't ask me!

Being a nice southern girl I am totally into monogrammed, personalized things.  So when I saw Monogrammed Hand Soap on Pinterest I immediately pinned it on my "Projects I want to try" board.

With just 4 simple items that you just might have in your home right now!  Ok, so maybe not the transparencies unless you are a teacher and then you are set.  Here's what you need:
  • Handsoap
  • Goo Gone or something similar
  • Transparencies
  • Ribbon
Let me first give credit to the great ladies who inspired me to do this fast and easy project.  I didn't follow either one of their tutorials to a T, I did a little of both to come up with my final product; which I happen to really like (and everyone else I gave these to over the last month liked too).  My husband joked "Now we're branding our own soaps?"  Haha, silly man! 

First I partially used the template from Design Mom but her's was geared towards teachers and the template was not able to be edited so I did some cutting and pasting. 

Next I used the monogram theme from The Idea Room.  I loved the monogram idea but like the other frame better due to the shape of the bottle of handsoap that I used. 

And with the combination of these two fabulous ideas my end product was born.

When you deside on your handsoap you will want to get one that is preferably a clear or light colored soap. I used Softsoap Warm Ginger which is clear, has a fabulous smell and a chocolate pump.

Remove the front and back label using Goo Gone or something similar spray itto help in the removal of the labels.

Here is my template uisng Word, that you are welcome to use.  You may not have the same fonts installed on your computer so when you download this the text may look a little funny.  I used Georgia for the single monogram letter and A Yummy Apology font for the name.  Next you will need transparencies for a laser or copier, NOT INKJET. If you don't have access to a laser printer or a copier you can also get these printed at your local office supply store very inexpensively.  You can fit approximately 8 on one page.  Trim them about 1/4" on the left and right side.  I started trimming the bottom of the transparency a little more after the first one because I wanted the design to sit farther down in the soap bottle.  So you may need to play with this part until you like it.  However, once you roll the design and drop it in the soap bottle it will be near impossible to remove it, so I'm giving you a heads up.

Finally, attach ribbon to finish off the project. I used a 3/8 inch grossgrain polka dot ribbon that would be great for Christmas and Valentine's Day.  Easily change the ribbon color to coordinate with the holidays!

These make great hostess gift, holiday presents, teacher gifts...you name it!  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your editable template! It was exactly the style I was looking for and saves me so much time. Such a cute gift idea!